Business Organization:

We work with entrepreneurs to help them monetize their ideas while protecting their personal assets from undue risk. Often this involves the formation of a business entity, either a Limited Liability Company or a Corporation. Mr. Sparler will counsel the client and upon determining the appropriate course of action, establish the entity for a flat fee of $750.00 plus costs.


Some entrepreneurs feel completely confident handling their own contracts, negotiating leases, retaining independent contractors, drafting buy-sell agreements, and maintaining corporate records. Others would like some help, and still others would like to outsource the whole lot and focus on something else. We can accommodate anything in this spectrum, generally on an hourly basis. Mr. Sparler’s current rate is $325/hr. We are in your corner to help as much or as little as you like.


Sometimes best laid plans and intentions go astray, and it becomes essential to enforce contract terms. Mr. Sparler has experience conducting fair and firm collections and can often salvage critical business relationships. Depending on your particular situation, we can establish a litigation plan that makes sense for you.

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